Redlands Real Estate

Home of the landmark and distinguished University of Redlands, the city of Redlands lies east of downtown San Bernardino. The site of beautiful turn-of-the-century Victorian style homes, Redlands has many stunning and unique neighborhoods with well-manicured lawns and custom-built homes that span more than 150 years.

Redlands has a Mediterranean climate similar to that found throughout the Inland Empire. A small city packed with enormous educational opportunities, Redlands boasts 10 institutions of private education and 10 public schools in the Redlands Unified School District.

A bastion of history and California culture, this interesting city offers some of the most unique and beautiful housing options to be found anywhere in the Inland Empire. A charmingly well-appointed and unique shopping area on State Street, along with plenty of entertainment venues and favorite dining and libation choices make Redlands a superb and very popular place to live. Easy access to Interstate 10 also makes Redlands a commuter’s favorite choice.

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