Lake Elsinore Real Estate

Established in 1888, Western Riverside County’s beautiful Lake Elsinore boasts a natural freshwater lake that spans about 3,000 acres of this once small resort town. Today, Lake Elsinore is one of the most popular residential and recreational cities in the Inland Empire. A truly unique and beautiful setting in which to live, Lake Elsinore continues to serve as a favorite haunt for recreation by residents of the Inland Empire and is one of Southern California‚Äôs most unique places to call home.

The landmark Ortega Highway connects Lake Elsinore to the Pacific Ocean and is 32 miles of one of the most scenic drives in Southern California. Encompassing a large geographical area Lake Elsinore is essentially organized into 11 districts, each with its own unique geography, history, and culture. This alone makes Lake Elsinore one of the most culturally diverse and historically-rich cities in Southern California.

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